Our Values

Prioritizing player satisfaction to fostering creativity and innovation, we’re dedicated to create unforgettable gaming experiences

Player Focus

Players are our priority. We craft games with your enjoyment in mind, ensuring each experience is personalized for you.


Our team explores new ideas and concepts to deliver fresh, original gaming experiences.


We push boundaries and challenge conventions to redefine gaming for the better.


Fun is at the core of our mission. Our games are being designed to offer to excitement in players.


We’re always evolving. Continuous improvement drives us to reach new heights with every game we create.


Together, we’re stronger. By fostering teamwork and respect, we create games that exceed expectations.

One Team, One Goal,
Explore Our Story!

We are three experienced professionals from the gaming industry who have united our expertise and passion to create something extraordinary. With a shared vision and years of experience, we have merged our talents to form a powerhouse team dedicated to innovation and excellence in gaming.

Our Games

Our team is working on new titles that will be launching soon, and we promise unique experiences.

Coming Soon

Meet Our Team

Meet our experienced team, driving innovation and excellence at Dizzy Ants.

Constantinos Constantinou

CEO / Co-Founder

Aristos Aristodimou

Head of BI / Co-Founder

Zacharias Masrujeh

CTO / Co-Founder